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  • There are free agents who will make more money on the open market than Lakers gunner Jodie Meeks, who is coming off a seasons in which he was, by the numbers, one of the most efficient scorers in the league. But none of those free agents will make GM's think harder about what they're really worth.

  • April 22, 2014
    I Dream Of Aaron Gordon

    Aaron Gordon is a very good, very flawed, and very much unfinished college player. That makes him all the more fun to dream on at the next level.

  • He can't shoot, not even a little bit. He's a recent Rookie of the Year who is making a living as a sixth man at the age of 24. And yet Tyreke Evans, flaws and all, is still making it happen, and maybe playing better than he ever has.

  • November 11, 2013
    The Anthony Davis Show

    Everyone with an opinion thought Anthony Davis would be good, and could become one of the NBA's great big men. He's better than that. Already.

  • The NBA free agent period has been as busy and spend-y as ever. But what's been most notable is how weirdly reasonable it has been. Can everyone here play this game?

  • In his first move as GM of the Philadelphia 76ers, Sam Hinkie traded a comparatively affordable young star just coming into his prime for a couple of draft picks. Hinkie has his reasons, and they're better than they may seem at the moment.

  • May 16, 2013
    Head Games

    It's the thing that broadcasters talk about and columnists decry in its absence, but "making adjustments" doesn't quite sum up the counterpunching dynamism of the NBA Playoffs. At this point, the glass-jawed coaches are at home, icing vigorously and updating their resumes. What's left are the best teams, sure, but also the tacticians savvy enough to compete in the playoffs' high-speed, high-stakes chessboxing matches.

  • Even in a league of massively gangly humans, Tayshaun Prince stands out thanks to what might be the NBA's most instantly recognziable pair of arms. It's what he does with them, and how unassumingly and well he does it, that makes him one of the NBA's more reliably underrated players.

  • April 24, 2013
    There Is No Trophy

    The NBA's actual awards are nice enough, but also dull and subjective and mostly silly. Here are some subjective, mostly silly awards that don't actually exist. Pablo Prigioni, you've earned this one. Kevin Martin, come claim your sad ham.

  • Gerald Wallace has been one of the NBA's highest-flying and most admirable players for a decade, playing with a heedless force that was bound to wear him down. But no one expected him to come back to earth quite as quickly, and painfully, as he has this season.