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  • In which an especially avant-garde spam comment about Justin Bieber, skateboarding, and (mostly) misused words inspires our spam poets to go above and beyond, into the realm of experimental diptychs and spoken word. It's weird.

  • "High and Outside" is a self-described baseball noir that's just entering the home stretch of its Kickstarter campaign. It is also directed by the son of former Toronto Blue Jays manager Tim Johnson, and counts among its cast former Jesus Lizard maniac David Yow, porn starlet Scarlett Fay, and veteran character actors Geoffrey Lewis and Eddie Jemison. So, yeah, it seemed worth looking into.

  • There are always more spam comments, which means that there is more poetry comprised of those spam comments. Today's poems come from the artist more widely known as @Classical_eBooks, and they are especially moving if you are into sneakers or despondent socialites or Nick Markakis.