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  • January 25, 2013
    Sloane Stephens Is Here

    Sloane Stephens could be one of the next great stars in tennis, or she might not be. But, as the charming and jarringly well-adjusted 19-year-old showed during her run to the Australian Open semifinals, she's already among the best reasons to stay up late watching tennis.

  • September 6, 2012
    The Meaning of Kim Clijsters

    After an early retirement to start a family, Kim Clijsters' return to tennis marked her real arrival. Though at first glance her first and second careers would seem to present two very different portraits, a look back at the tennis legend's career, which concluded with her recent—and this time, final—retirement from the sport, reveals that it wasn't so much that Kim changed. Rather, she changed the way we saw her, and her sport, just by being herself.

  • The 2012 US Open is now underway, but twenty-two-year-old professional tennis player Michael McClune won’t be competing. Instead, he’ll be watching it on television with the rest of us. But fresh off a competitive run at the Winston-Salem Open, McClune knows better than to take his eye off the ball just yet.

  • The relationship between tennis and the Olympics has always been ... complicated, and even after Andy Murray's spectacular win this weekend, questions remain about how tennis places in the Games. Can the Olympics mean anything if they don’t mean everything?