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  • Portland is never going to claim the same metropolitan cachet as New York, Los Angeles, or even Toronto, and that's saved the Trail Blazers from themselves for years. Brunch, however, may change that.

  • No matter the medication, I certainly didn’t tell my dentist to leave the TV locked on ESPN, nor did I say I was a fan. But there was the match, punctuated by odd guttural noises both within and without the room, and I gripped the chair while the Tooth Grinder™ revved and the racquets swung.

  • December 30, 2016
    Memorabilia on the Drag

    Even the second-hand shops of Portland, Oregon seem to encourage everyone to forget about one particular era of Trailblazers history.

  • During his farewell season, Kobe Bryant was more candid than he's been throughout his career. Now that he's apparently entering the storytelling game with the Kobe Studios arm of Kobe Inc. What will that look like from a star whose image has often felt like one long commercial?

  • Moments after disappearing from the camera’s sight, Dirk picked up a trashcan found in the visitors’ hallway of Oracle Arena, and in a failed attempt to exorcise the burden of defeat that hung on his shoulders, hurled it against a sheetrock wall.

  • March 10, 2016
    NBATV's Indifferent Grace

    NBATV may have "The Starters," but it's also got so much more—and so much less—to make it appealing in other ways.

  • For the modern basketball fan, the League Pass provides the chance to watch basically everything, and logic follows that any sane individual would take advantage of the opportunity by watching either completely stacked teams or highflyers. But who ever said logic applies to fandom?

  • Without a doubt, the 2014-15 season was a transitional year that will carry over into the new and bring about league-wide changes, no matter whether they’re fully understood.

  • Memphis, The Grizzlies and William Eggleston don’t beg for understanding or acceptance. Why should they?

  • March 23, 2015
    Skate or Buy

    The things that make skateboarding skateboarding are also the things that make it so appealing to corporations. It's not all bad. Right?