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  • July 2, 2012
    Ballers on the Pitch The Clog

    Notes from the annual Steve Nash Foundation Showdown game, where NBA players and sports journos alike are tolerated by world-class soccer players. All for the good of the kids.

  • Fandom requires a certain amount of surrender to contingency, given that we're not the ones playing the game. But, in his column advocating a politically motivated approach to picking a favorite in the NBA Finals, Dave Zirin takes engagement a step too far.

  • The internet and sports-bro world's favorite meme, model Kate Upton, is an odd kind of phenom. Being a bombshell too bootylicious for the editorial modeling world made her almost exotic, but her meteoric rise to fame only happened in the place where she could be the most generic: at the center of sports-bro attention. Cue the beer commercials!

  • How did the Grizzlies end up on the losing end of one of the most memorable comebacks in NBA Playoffs history? It's simple: They were just following the script, and the philosophy, that has allowed them to win games all season. 

  • You have maybe noticed those American Apparel ads for underpants and such on the site. Let's talk about those ads for American Apparel ads for underpants and such on the site.

  • Chauncey Billups didn't want to go to Los Angeles. But as he enters the twilight of a fascinating career, there really is no better place for Billups to be than the world capital of sunswept apocalypse.

  • November 10, 2011
    The People’s Players

    The status of players-as-proletariat has been one of the key ironies of the lockout, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed: one of the most echoed complaints about the whole affair has been that “billionaires are telling millionaires they make too much money.”