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  • Five sets and then some in The Bullring, creeping loneliness on the outer courts, a noteworthy dearth of crepes, and other notes from a day at the French Open.

  • The Davis Cup can be one of the greatest and rowdiest tennis experiences out there. So why is the USTA so content to play it in front of tiny audiences, like the one it's almost certain to find this weekend in Boise?

  • October 10, 2012
    The Long Run

    Nick Chubb, one of Georgia's top high school running backs, is almost certainly younger than you. But he has already broken off a 98-yard touchdown run, which means he has experienced something you almost certainly haven't. But what does a 98-yard touchdown run feel like?

  • It takes a certain amount of confidence and an awful lot of living to publish an autobiography at the age of 32, but Michael Vick's Finally Free, the story of his supremely fraught and unrelentingly public life to this point, doesn't lack for incident. What it does lack, though, is the sense that its central character is a reliable narrator.

  • A modest proposal for videogame developers, NFL fans, and the NFL itself, starring a cast of thousands (of retired NFL players).

  • February 23, 2012
    The Trauma and the Pity

    At the game that marked the turning point in the Philadelphia Eagles' disappointing season, a novelist and longtime football fan found karaoke and Yuengling in the parking lot, and all kinds of uncomfortable inklings in the stands.