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  • There is only group of people who have consistently shown the steadfastness required to teach The Triangle AND who won't embarrass the organization with sex stuff. It's time to think big.

  • The new film Concussionis a movie about Dr. Bennet Omalu's discovery of CTE in football players. The NFL is not that excited about it. But they at least had their own idea of how this movie should go, as this WORLD EXCLUSIVE script proves.

  • ...and not just because he's already one of the best receivers in the NFL. While Beckham plays a position known for its outspoken players, he's not just another mouthy receiver, and he's talking about football in a way other players mostly don't.

  • May 15, 2014
    New Coach, Same Old The Clog

    The Knicks got outbid on Steve Kerr, which is probably fine. It seems to have happened for the same old Knicks reasons, and that is a less good thing.