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  • At its highest level, basketball is a game played by some of the most graceful and determined athletes in the world. It is also played at other levels, and this New Hampshire men's basketball league is one of those.

  • Yes, it's frustrating when NBA players insist on acting like reasonable people and sign the richest possible deals as free agents, context be damned. But there is a time and place for taking a discount. These particular examples are not at all examples of that, but still.

  • Grantland Rice's famed "Four Horsemen" column about Notre Dame's college football team is one of the most storied and legendarily purple pieces of sportswriting ever. So we translated it into American English, in an attempt to figure out what it's actually about.

  • August 8, 2013
    In The House of Dolan

    A fictitious but not entirely unconvincing conjecture on the Knicks War Room, the night of the Carmelo Anthony deal. Starring James Dolan and his awful personality and hat collection.

  • There's no way to tell what Nate Robinson will do from one moment to the next. Nate himself seems as surprised as anyone, if not more so. This is what makes him infuriating, and also what makes him great. This is why we watch.

  • During an appearance on Outside the Lines, ESPN's own Chris Broussard called homosexuality an "open rebellion" on God during a "debate" with out sportswriter (and more importantly, a person with feelings and dignity) LZ Granderson. It's not the first time we've heard this, and we'll hear much more of it in the coming days, weeks and  months. But that's not why it matters. 

  • January 10, 2013
    254 Minutes

    LeBron James played 254 on-court minutes, and nearly two weeks of real-world time, without being called for a foul. How this happened has a little bit to do with LeBron, and a lot to do with what's wrong with the NBA. 

  • Jason Kidd plays his position with a combination generosity, guile and grace that few have ever managed. Somehow all of that seems to elude him off the court. It's all part of the deal.