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  • When Alex Ovechkin and his Capitals left the playoffs early, again, the NHL's narrative machine started pumping out some familiar and very tired takes. The stories are what they are, but why keep telling them?

  • Do you recall the famous reindeer of all? Probably, but the whole story—from his prep years through his recruitment and pro career—is most likely not what you remember.

  • The absence of Canadian teams in this year's NHL field is good for a punchline, although it's already worn out from overuse. But that's about all it means.

  • Part of writing about sports is asking questions of people who don't necessarily want to answer them. It's not fun for anyone, but it's worth doing. So: what questions are worth asking?

  • January 7, 2015
    All The Wrong Questions The Clog

    Why do writers ask bad questions to athletes? To get bad answers, mostly. It's not any better than it sounds.

  • August 14, 2014
    Reading FC Is Fundamental

    For most of us, the teams we care about are chosen for us, or are accidents of birth or circumstance. For Americans adopting an English soccer team, it's a different story. It's important to choose wisely.