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  • Clutch, as a concept, is a slippery and subjective ideal under the best of circumstances. College football is not the best of circumstances. But there are still some answers to find, here, if we look hard enough.

  • Professional and collegiate athletes have been an unusually large part of the growing and contentious national conversation over policing and race. College football, however, has been notable in its silence.

  • What does an unsung NFL star do after his playing career is over? Everything, mostly.

  • December 28, 2013
    The Man Who Fell To Earth

    Gene Chizik won a National Championship at Auburn, and was unemployed and nearly unemployable in college football not long after. All things considered, he's doing okay.

  • How some smart coaching and basketball's first jumpshot helped the University of Wyoming's basketball team beat everybody that mattered in college basketball, create the game we know today, and deliver a little bit of happiness in the middle of a World War.

  • During his stints as a head coach at Michigan State and the University of Arkansas, John L. Smith has not proven to be much of a head coach. But he has never let that stop him from having his weird, public, maybe-sort-of-crazy type of fun. That may not matter as much to boosters and fans, but it's something.