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  • August 24, 2018
    Joint Resolution

    Henry Cejudo's ankle betrayed him at the worst possible moment. He beat the best fighter in the world anyway. Joints are complicated things.

  • Surfing means something special in Hawaii, even as it has become a big global business. That's why it means so much that native son John John Florence is currently dominating the sport.

  • Baseball is king in Korea, but basketball is basketball, anywhere on earth. That's enough to make anyplace feel like home.

  • How is it that so many of the most effectively violent people alive proclaim faith in a religious tradition that teaches the opposite? It's less complicated than it seems.

  • Every fighter is from someplace. For Max Holloway, from the rugged west side of Oahu, it's different. Not only did he never leave, he brings it with him every time he steps into the octagon.