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  • March 27, 2013
    Diablos Rojos

    On Sunday, baseball season began in Mexico City with an olympic archery demonstration, a jersey retirement ceremony, and a first pitch thrown out by Trevor Hoffman. The game itself, between Mexico City’s Diablo Rojos and the rival Tigres de Quintana Roo, started an hour behind schedule. It then lasted four and a half hours and featured 42 hits.

  • In the final installment of #KennyLoftonWeek, Eric Nusbaum discusses Kenny's career as a Cleveland Indian. Both the Cleveland Indian he was, and the Cleveland Indian he could have been. 

  • When the puck drops in a couple weeks after four months of lockout, even less people are going to watch the hockey than did before. It's time for the NHL to finally embrace its status as a marginal sports league. Only then can hockey find its place in the sports ecosystem.

  • December 21, 2012
    Left Cold by the Hot Stove

    The baseball offseason as we know it now is a relatively modern phenomenon, the rough draft version of which having come into being after the demise of the reserve clause. Twitter and the aggregator website—twin hegemons in the dispensation of baseball news and non-news -- have turned the offseason into a sort of dystopian universe in which the only thing that matters to a baseball fan is the volume of information stuffed into his or her head. Needless to say, this isn't a good thing. 

  • The Colombian Winter League is the worst of the Caribbean winter leagues. A very quick glance at the rosters of its four teams indicates that there is very little major league talent involved, past or present. That doesn't mean it's not baseball, or that the games aren't enjoyable, just different and slow. Very slow.

  • Lucha libre, part slapstick and part morality tale,  hardly resembles its American wrestling counterparts. But what lucha libre lacks in familiarity, it makes up for in spectacle. 

  • The Tri-City Herald, in Southeastern Washington, put together a strange and magical and entirely unique high school football preview section this year. Not only are newspapers not dead, they're photographing high school football players as if they were Presidential candidates.

  • Ichiro is a Yankee. Some thoughts on what he is, was, and could never be.

  • What is Theo Fleury doing singing a bunch of hokey-ish country songs on stage in the same arena he used to light up as a NHL star? Finding his voice, refusing to be quiet, and other admirable things, it turns out.

  • Dontrelle Willis retires from baseball. But is that really the right way to think about his career, and the way it ended?