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  • The new Classical is here! The new Classical is here!

  • February 23, 2014
    Ticket Masters

    The Dodgers are set launch their new cable network, Sports Net LA. They've also announced increases to ticket and parket prices. What does all this mean for their fans?

  • A conversation in which Ted and Eric discuss Carl Crawford's knee ligaments, offseason coping mechanisms, and how to reconcile the Hall of Fame with the modern era. 

  • The Cardinal Way we keep hearing about does not really exist in a tangible sense. It is just a way to understand baseball -- a lens like our own experience is a lens. The same goes for Red Sox Nation. 

  • And it's exactly as loud and tacky and complicated as it sounds. 

  • Out, as in baseball. Also "out" as in: if you've downloaded The Classical App and subscribed to the magazine, you can download nine new pieces of literary and artistic baseball goodness right now.

  • Mike Tyson in the skies of Europe. 

  • May 29, 2013
    Leaving The Ballpark

    Because it feels like home, and because it is enveloping, being a devoted fan of Major League Baseball can be an intensely comforting thing, especially when confronted with the unfamiliar. But, at some point, we all have to leave home.

  • No team is more L.A. than the Lakers. Los Angeles is the city where movies are made, a place where massive and irresponsible dreams either come true or spectacularly don’t. It is a city built on stories: individual and collective, real and fake, meaningful and inconsequential. This is why, maybe the only reason why, Ramon Sessions can seem important for a few months in spring.

  • Estadio Azteca is one of the stranger, better and more terrifying places on earth to watch a soccer game. And maybe to watch anything, actually. Two Azteca veterans compare notes on one of soccer's holy, and wholly weird, sites.