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  • In which our hero gets shouted out by British rapper Tinchy Stryder, and not just because "Balotelli" rhymes so easily with so many things.

  • Andrew Luck is ready to be a very good professional quarterback. Andrew Luck was also, for all the brilliance that makes the first statement unassailable, kind of boring to watch in college. The two are not unrelated.

  • In which our hero fights with a teammate, causes his club to take action, and proves integral to victory anyway.

  • In this installment, Mario finances a school, breaks a curfew, steals gloves, and scores a goal. How could you ever call such a person a bad boy?

  • December 11, 2011
    The Battle for Three Points

    On Saturday, Real Madrid ensured that there would be nothing for Barcelona to transcend. For the first time in several years, the fixture stood out as a great game between two amazingly talented teams rather than a referendum on pragmatism vs. ideology, or the best way to build a club, or the moral value of a stepover. It was a matchup of rough equals, not an allegory of higher concepts. And it was fun.

  • The first in a running series on the Premier League's most bizarre figure. In this installment, Mario scores a goal with his shoulder on purpose.

  • College football programs and the schools who support them (or vice-versa), have engaged in ludicrous Heisman campaigns for more than a decade. As far as I know, though, Stanford head coach David Shaw is the first person to create a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation and display it at his weekly press conference to unsuspecting media.

  • After nine games and countless jokes about the Dream Team becoming a nightmare, the Philadelphia Eagles have firmly established themselves as the biggest disappointment of the NFL season. Perhaps more surprising than their 3-6 record, though, is that Michael Vick hasn’t even been the most electrifying player on the team.

  • November 8, 2011
    Yoenis, Superstar

    On Sunday night, a highlight video of Cuban defector and aspiring MLB center fielder Yoenis Cespedes, known as “Yoennis” up until a few days ago, appeared on YouTube. It set the sports world (well, one very specific quadrant of it) abuzz, and then just as abruptly, was removed by the uploader, presumably due to copyright issues.