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  • How do you cap off a spellbinding, two-week spectacle of sporting endeavour, subtlety, skill, brilliance, unity and raw emotion while simultaneously reminding the world that it all happened in the UK? The answer, at least according to the Olympic closing ceremony’s creative director Kim Gavin, is with an unstructured gallimaufry of tasteless performances, chintzy melodrama and high camp. Such a shame.

  • Team uniforms are compulsory attire, so for those who choose to eschew piercings, outré haircuts and the increasingly prevalent vogue for tattoos, an athlete’s choice of footwear is the only opportunity to display some individuality. So, how have Nike persuaded them all to wear the same ones?

  • Everybody's rooting for Oscar Pistorius, but will they still love him tomorrow?

  • NBC is not convincing in the role of corporate ambassadors for the USA, thanks to Olympian helpings of #fail.

  • Our second dispatch from London sees the Lord Mayor comparing athletes to glistening otters, the abuse of corporate perquisites, and universal truth about bums (butts, not homeless people).

  • Grumblers are going to grumble, but London 2012's Opening Ceremony moved out of the lengthy shadow of Beijing's 2008 spectacle in commendably British fashion. On to the sports, says Classical London correspondent Edwin Smith.