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  • Things didn't go well in the tournament for Gonzaga. But by one telling and not-terribly-advanced metric, they weren't nearly the worst one-seed of all time.

  • December 21, 2012
    Christmas Illustrated

    As a general rule, it's the thought that counts in gift-giving. There are, however, limits to this. 

  • In which the author learns the Estonian Carry, meets the foremost competitors in one of the world's strangest and most deceptively difficult sports, and flirts with very serious injury while carrying his wife through the National Wife-Carrying Championships obstacle course. 

  • Beep Baseball is the modified version of baseball for the visually impaired, and the Beep Baseball World Series is, yes, its answer to the World Series. But even at an event that's chock-full of sportsmanship and charitable feeling—what's more wholesome than a baseball tourney sponsored by an Iowa Lions club?—there was a little rivalry, some jingoism, and a dash of chest-thumping sports bluster.