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  • The Classical is officially a week old. No, that's not the hugest accomplishment, but how many blog posts had you written about Paul Wall by the time you were a week old? Right, that's what we thought.

  • The University of Houston asked three Houston-area rappers to make a fight song for their football team. This was a good idea, even though none of those rappers was Scarface.

  • December 7, 2011
    Visualize World Peace The Clog

    Ron Artest has been Metta World Peace... well, since before the universe existed, really. But it has been official in the eyes of Los Angeles County since September. Today, it belatedly became official on, as well.

  • In 2005, Houston rapper Paul Wall recorded a tribute to the World Series-bound Astros. In 2011, most of the players he shouts out are pretty seriously out of baseball. But Wall's ode to rhetorical questions, elaborately prolonged Houstonian pronunciation, and Brad Ausmus still bumps, in its way.

  • December 5, 2011
    Underwater in Flushing

    Jose Reyes got a contract offer from the Miami Marlins that the New York Mets couldn't match, and so he left. It's not all that complicated. How the the Mets organization became the zombie-patrolled ruin it is today, on the other hand...

  • Kentucky, North Carolina, and the joys of watching gangly young folk alternate between transcendence and being gangly young folk.

  • In which two people who did not watch VH1's Baseball Wives discuss VH1's Baseball Wives.

  • November 8, 2011
    College Football is Rotten

    Big-time college football is home to enough small grossnesses that fans barely notice them anymore. Actually, small may not be the right word for these thousands of legalistic elisions and micro-oversights and case-specific ethical lapses.