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  • July 18, 2012
    Here's To Shutting Up

    Since the first emergence of the awful story surrounding Jerry Sandusky's sex abuse at Penn State, we've been pretty quiet on the story. That's not because it isn't outrageous, or because we're not outraged. It's because there is, by definition, not much to say about the unspeakable. And because it's noisy enough as it is without us.

  • The ambitious Blank On Blank is exactly the sort of Kickstarter campaign that The Classical can get behind—a way to turn simple interview audio into something richer and altogether cooler. So we're getting behind it, and letting creator David Gerlach explain why you should, too.

  • Mark Madsen just wants to play with you. Is it so bad that Mark Madsen wants to play with you? Why would you not just play intramural basketball with Mark Madsen. Look, you're making him sad.

  • We interrupt our scheduled non-programming with an urgent message from E-40, who would like to remind you to vote.

  • We're darkening and slowing things down until July 9, but not because we don't love our readers or anything. It's just... well, it's really muggy, and it seemed like a good time for a brief break.

  • Andy Griffith's breakout as an entertainer came via a monologue about a country preacher at a football game. It feels about 200 years old today, but for Griffith—who died today at 86—seeming of-the-moment was never a big part of the game.

  • A photograph of Shaquille O'Neal in a stupid wig on the set of an Adam Sandler sequel, and the poetry it inspired.

  • "No No: A Dockumentary," is a documentary project about Dock Ellis. You know, probably, that Dock pitched a no-hitter while frying on LSD. But, as producer Chris Cortez explains in this interview, "No No" is dedicated to telling the rest of Dock's story. As usual, the forgotten, human-scale stuff around the legend is the best part.

  • Greg Lalas played soccer in the MLS, and has covered it as a reporter and editor for a variety of venues. In his role as founder of Kicking and Screening, a film festival dedicated to soccer films from around the world, Lalas is still finding new ways to see the beautiful game.

  • John Rocker was once, if briefly, a very effective Major League pitcher. A decade or so later, he has reinvented himself as a part-time right-wing polemicist and full-time human example of the paralyzing, toxic effects of dumb fame.