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  • Baseball food services giant Aramark has announced a new line of signature nachos that offers a wide array of aesthetic and ethical challenges. In conversation, David Roth and Ryan O'Hanlon take on the problem that is Arctic Nachos.

  • April 9, 2012
    See You Tuesday! The Clog

    In which we take an unscheduled three-day weekend as we make our ways back to our computers after weekends spent doing various religious/cultural/familial things. Back to our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday.

  • April 5, 2012
    James Dolan's Blues

    James Dolan denies that the Knicks withheld news of Jeremy Lin's knee surgery to sell playoff tickets, claims conspiracy on the part of the New York Daily News. In so doing, New York's worst billionaire proved once again that there's no story about the Knicks that shouldn't be believed.

  • Hats off, and small nylon shorts in the mail, to Kevin Slane, the champion of The Classical's Prognostic-achievers Bracket Challenge. How could he possibly have known that Kentucky could pull this off?

  • Pondering an Opening Day without Tony LaRussa and Cam Bonifay, and with Yankees fans, Brian Sabean, the Orioles and Todd Benzinger's secret blend of herbs and spices. Happy talk for happy times.

  • Spring Training is almost over, and the internet's foremost tumblr'ed repository of awful Spring Training art—Patrick Sullivan's Bad Spring Training Twitpics—is pretty well gone, too. In conversation, Sullivan remembers good times and terrible photos.

  • An in-depth non-conversation with a semi-celebrity, on occasion of (almost) talking to Mario Lopez about the ultimate Final Four garbage food.

  • Tim Tebow does more than run well and pass less well. The guy can also use his words, as he showed in his first press conference as a member of the Jets. Some words, to be fair, got used a lot more than others.

  • One video of the Miami Marlins garish home run nightmare machine. One bit of druggy-ish rock and roll. One prescription for 100% drug-free, safe-for-work Monday vision questage.

  • The horror of Trayvon Martin's murder in Sanford, Florida is a lot to take, for a lot of very good reasons. But for all the horror and ugliness that the case revealed and has continued to reveal, the response to this injustice has also contained a fragile sort of hope. That the NBA Players Association, the Miami Heat, and LeBron James (of all people) have been a part of that is surprising, and inspiring in its own right.