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  • In a deeply felt opinion piece for a free newspaper, the bellowing goofus who leads the J-E-T-S chants at Jets games makes a farewell address to his team and his legions of mostly imaginary fans. Also he's not going away, probably.

  • November 19, 2012
    Get Psyched With Juan Pierre The Clog

    Marlins fans might be having a difficult time getting motivated for next season. Luckily for them, the team's new left fielder Juan Pierre is here to help. Let's get psyched, everyone!

  • The jokes are right there when it comes to Jeffrey Loria's recent situationist prank/gutting of the Miami Marlins. But even with baseball's evilest muppet acting his evilest in the middle of it all, it's tough to laugh at the latest bit of avant-garde shamelessness from baseball's worst owner. Tough, but not impossible.

  • In January of 1955, a then-fledgling Sports Illustrated sent William Faulkner to a Rangers/Canadiens game at the old Madison Square Garden. The resulting essay is brief, great, and exactly as Faulkner At A Hockey Game as you'd expect.

  • November 2, 2012
    Distance Running

    The New York City Marathon is off, which is as it should be. But that it came so close to being run with the city still devastated in the wake of Hurricane Sandy speaks to a number of daunting divisions and distances.

  • Metta World Peace takes another step forward in his acting career, starring opposite Jennie Garth in a Lifetime original film. Unfortunately for all involved, this particular step forward is also a step in the direction of monster-souled cable news persecutrix Nancy Grace. Be careful, everyone.

  • October 29, 2012
    Let's Call It A Rainout The Clog

    In anticipation of continuing to get worked over by Hurricane Sandy, and in the assumption that we're likely to be without power for at least some of Tuesday, we're going to power down until Wednesday, or whenever we're next able to power up. Be safe, all of youse.

  • Only two teams remain in the baseball season. Or, more accurately, two teams, an infinite number of likely Brian Wilson-related antics, and a near-infinite number of truck commercials and McCarver-puns. Which is a lot, actually.

  • As part of our (apparently) ongoing series on amazing old-ish videos of baseball people doing non-baseball things, here is Jim Leyland, in a white turtleneck, singing "Betcha By Golly Wow" very seriously and quite well.

  • There is no reason, really, to be running a four-year-old video of Michael Cuddyer blowing Denard Span's mind with a Spring Training magic trick. But there's no reason why not to run it, either, really.