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  • A short film about the amazing ongoing recovery of former LSU star and New York Giants draft pick Chad Jones is a reminder of how human even the most superhuman-seeming NFL athletes are. This is probably something to keep in mind as the NFL season starts up.

  • Joe Posnanski signed on to write a book that may or may not have been a good idea, but which definitely turned into one of the stranger sports-book boondoggles in recent memory. But, quite aside from whether Paterno is any good or not, the author is not the only one at fault, here.

  • There are big trades, and then there is the total team transplant that the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers pulled off late Friday night. The multi-star, multi-multi-million dollar deal is not quite official yet, but Yakkin' About Baseball isn't quite worried about that, quite.

  • From the clammy doldrums of baseball's dog days, two heroes rise to free-associate, analyze Rick Sutcliffe's understanding of immigration law and herald the arrival of Jeremy Guthrie Whatever.0. What, it's August.

  • For two years, Norman Einstein's Sports and Rocket Science Monthly was one of the best things on the internet, both for people looking for smart, unhurried sportswriting and in general. Einstein has been laying low since 2011, but a recent Kickstarter campaign for the Normanthology, a collection of the site's best work, has brought Norman back to life. We talked to founding editor Cian O'Day and frequent contributor Graydon Gordian about the rebirth.

  • Credit is due, belatedly and meh-ly, to both Augusta National and Condi Rice. They did, after all, break one of the longest-running and most embarrassing ass-backwards anti-traditions in sports. But did  Augusta National's first female member really have to be a war-boner'ed former Secretary of State?

  • The late Tony Scott mostly made ultra-frenetic, high-gloss action movies, and made them very well. But he also directed one mostly lousy movie about baseball and one of the most memorable sports-related movie scenes of all time.

  • Josh Willingham has had an excellent season in Minnesota. However he hits, though, Willingham boasts one of baseball's foremost meat-compound surname. Here, for your consideration, are several of his meat-compound forebears, from Rick Eagerbeef to Al Turkee-Upforit.

  • August 16, 2012
    Goodbye To All That

    After 44 years with the Boston Globe, Bob Ryan is retiring from the sports column business. He's leaving in good health and good shape; the job itself, though, is kind of hurting, and will miss him mightily.

  • Not to brag or anything, but we get press releases all the time. But one press release we had never gotten, at least before Sunday, was one announcing the casting of Metta World Peace as a "vampire boss" in a B movie. Thankfully, that has been remedied.