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  • Baseball beat writers as crusty indie snobs, Glenn Braggs as hitting exemplar, Mickey Hatcher as Master Trickster, the Minnesota Twins as failed name-generation experiment, and other observations that contain trace amounts of baseball-related information.

  • Matt Fraction is one of the go-to authors in the Marvel comics stable, one of the most respected comic writers working, and someone who really loves the Chicago Cubs. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Albert Pujols takes a psychedelic journey, asks to wear Jerry Reuss's shirt for a little while. Brett Lawrie tapes 40-ounces of Mickey's to his hands, posts pictures of it online. These are actually reasonable responses to a world in which the Baltimore Orioles are playing very good baseball.

  • In which two interlocutors are Incepted into Jeffrey Loria's boring dreams, embark on a vision quest with Rob Deer, start rumors the Jon Heyman way, and get a competitive deal on a new or gently used Optima at Shea Hillenbrand Kia.

  • Pondering an Opening Day without Tony LaRussa and Cam Bonifay, and with Yankees fans, Brian Sabean, the Orioles and Todd Benzinger's secret blend of herbs and spices. Happy talk for happy times.

  • It's not quite baseball season. But whenever former teammates give each others' phone numbers out on Twitter, and wherever Major League teams seem ready to give Jack Cust at-bats, Yakkin' About Baseball will be there.

  • Wind sprints in the outfield. Awkward silences in the broadcast booth. Terrified-looking teenagers wearing uniform numbers in the high double-digits. It's a good thing. It's a very good thing, actually.

  • Pitchers are pitching. Catchers are catching. Even the chunkiest junkballers are in the best shape of [their] lives. For those yet to receive our engraved Spring Training invitations, there's nothing to do but talk about it.

  • February 9, 2012
    Yakkin' About Karim Garcia The Clog

    What good is a Karim Garcia spotting, especially one in which he looks like a char siu pork, if you can't discuss the way it makes you feel with a trusted friend?

  • Grady Fuson was in baseball for a long time before he made it to the movies—sort of—in Moneyball, which was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray. He talks to David Raposa about baseball and movies (both Bennett Miller's final version and Steven Soderbergh's doomed first attempt) here.