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  • America's Greatest Fans, or whatever St. Louis Cardinals fans call themselves these days, have their own roost in New York City: Foley's, a bar in the non-neighborhood around the Empire State Building that's transformed into a bustling, red-clad scene during every Cardinals game. It's a unique scene—and a very different place once the Cardinals are out of the playoffs.

  • U.S. platform diver Brittany Viola has a famous father and a life story that's seemingly built for NBC's off-the-rack uplift machine. But her life has been more complicated, and is much more inspiring, than the inevitable puff piece will convey.

  • Williamsburg Night at the Brooklyn Cyclones was promoted as "Hipster Night," online and elsewhere. Instead it was, quite understandably and quite enjoyably, just another minor league baseball game in Brooklyn. What else could it have been?

  • In anticipation of the Final Four, we're highlighting four players whose very presence on the court is a reason to watch. In this installment, we survey Ohio State guard's Aaron Craft's ability to turn annoyance into something like art.