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  • With the NHL locked out for, let's say, forever, the league's foremost leaders of men will have to find new ways to pass their time. These are probably not those, but considering this question may be the last hockey any of us get for some time.

  • Chris Collision: I come to you, my man, to help me celebrate one of my favorite things, perhaps my favorite time of year, easily my favorite time of the sports year: the first round of the hockey playoffs. Everything that's rad about sports is compressed into this short stretch.

  • As Jose Canseco leaves Twitter—so he can focus on his revived baseball career, or cultivating his grandiosity, or whatever other reason he does things—a bit of Shelley-an valedictory poetry seems in order.

  • Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob wanted the mic for a few minutes on the night of Chris Mullin's jersey retirement ceremony. Warriors fans did not really want that to happen. The resulting Oakland Blackout shouldn't have been a surprise.

  • Canadian Steve Thomas wanted to make show his design chops by pulling together some hockey logos, and he wound up changing the world. Or... well, at least he created some deliriously nerdy and seriously awesome Tolkien-inspired hockey logos for the Middle Earth Hockey League.

  • For some of the teenagers playing in the rough-and-tumble Western Hockey League, all those endless bus trips will eventually lead to a NHL city. For most of them, though, the ride's the thing. The second piece in our series, The Archetype.

  • Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas passed on his team's visit to the White House this week for some deeply felt, oddly capitalized, not-so-faintly Fox News-ian reasons. The whole thing seemed worth discussing.