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  • December 13, 2013
    Growing Up With Drake

    Late nights, strange feelings, general ambivalence, and also, very early in the mornings, a wheelchair-bound, tentatively rapping Drake. If it's strange to watch someone you watched on television grow up to become a star, it's not much stranger than growing up, yourself.

  • Shane Battier has made a lot of money, won a lot of games, and annoyed a goodly number of his peers and NBA fans by playing basketball his way. He has never seemed to care about that. What makes Battier unique among his peers is that he has always seemed uncommonly capable of separating the grind of his profession from everything else, and singularly aware of how vast "everything else" actually is.

  • In New Jersey, and elsewhere, Arturo Gatti became a boxing legend for his capacity, willingness, and seeming eagerness to absorb punishment in the ring. Outside the ring, things weren't much easier.