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  • Stymie started with a simple, good idea from founding editor Eric Smetana: smart sports storytelling in a variety of different styles. From that good idea has come a consistently good literary magazine focused on exploring sports through the lenses of fiction and poetry. 

  • August 9, 2012
    The Disabled List

    The debut of a new series, featuring your stories of the worst thing you ever did to your body while playing sports. The first episode stars Brian K. Blickenstaff's balky knee.

  • Players' ability to fairly call their own fouls depends on their knowing the rules, and that's the problem: People play the game without knowing all the rules. This problem is not unique to Ultimate. You can play most sports without knowing all the rules. The difference is, if you fancy a more competitive setting in, say, football, you can rely on the ref to know the rules and you can, especially at first, get by knowing only those necessary to play your position. If you decide to play competitive Ultimate, on the other hand, you're at a disadvantage if you can't cite chapter and verse from USA Ultimate's Good Book. And that goes for everyone on the field.