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  • Pujols was the mega-prize of basbeall's offseason, its climax; Battier is the most notable NBA free agent to be linked to a new team, signaling that this frantic period of player movement has begun.

  • December 5, 2011
    The Classical at CJR The Clog

    Columbia Journalism Review has asked me to blog about these first few weeks as part of its Launch Pad series. Today, the current state of the site.

  • Reaction to the end of the NBA lockout has been couched in the either/or terms of fan elation (or revulsion). Did the lockout do irrevocable damage to the league's brand and bruise up David Stern's legacy? Or, was  this abrupt resolution, at nearly the exact point where yearning curdles into resentment, was perfectly timed to cash in on pent-up enthusiasm?  The more realistic response, is one of ambivalence.

  • November 13, 2011
    His Airness in Winter

    Today’s stars may look up to him, but Jordan isn’t interested in being anyone’s mentor. He’s mostly concerned with making sure none of them approach his accomplishments.