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  • The latest in an occasional series of crossword puzzles from the very awesome Ben Tausig. Contains current (sports) events, wordplay, and a clue involving Yanni. You should do it.

  • Ben Tausig is back with Chicken Soup for the Cruciverbalist's Soul: Spring Training edition

  • The second in a series of crosswords from Ben Tausig, this one focusing on baseball's Winter Meetings and its attendant loud noises, and the distinctive troll-mastery of Kansas City GM Dayton Moore.

  • "What is the deal with crossword puzzles not having enough baseball spoonerisms in them these days?" Yeah, we heard you.

  • January 24, 2012
    (Not) Being Fausto

    For a dozen years, including six wildly up-and-down seasons with the Cleveland Indians, a man who was not named Fausto Carmona pitched under the name Fausto Carmona. The material reasons why he did this are clear enough. The rest is complicated.