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  • February 18, 2014
    The Two Towers That Weren't

    For a brief and dazzling period in 1994, the Washington Bullets employed both Manute Bol and George Muresan. The dual giant frontcourt could have been beautiful, but it wasn't nearly long enough.

  • October 23, 2013
    BWAGs of Twitter

    At it's best, it's ike following a real-time, real-life Friday Night Lights, right down to the appreciation of the mundane, the athletic struggles, the triumphs, irrational fans, obnoxious competitors and loving marriages.

  • While there's still time left in the season, and before the discourse gets too loud, why not escape into the consequence-free embrace of minor league baseball?

  • The 2003 New Jersey Nets were one of the more doomed NBA Finalists in recent memory. A decade later, they look like one of the more interesting teams of their era. How did such a boring team get so retroactively fascinating?

  • April 22, 2013
    Citizen Heath

    In 1994, Heath Shuler was among the top quarterback prospects in the world, and bound for Washington with great expectations. In the years since, Washington has undone Shuler more than once, first as a Redskins quarterback and then as a North Carolina congressman.

  • January 11, 2013
    Virginia Beach, Revisited

    Hampton Roads won't be getting a relocated Sacramento Kings franchise, and may not get a professional sports team to call its own for some time. That doesn't mean the region doesn't deserve it. The demographics are one thing, but the decades of weird history are something else.

  • On holiday traditions, Garfield's Christmas Spectacular, and Neil Lomax, the ultimate gift for anyone interested in things Neil Lomax-related.

  • With a little bit of savvy online shopping and some help from a line of notably un-lifelike sports figurines, fans no longer need to feel left out of the beloved "check out this weird village of Christmas-themed figurines" holiday tradition.

  • Christmas is nearly here, and Hannukah is already over, and somehow some of you still haven't purchased gifts for your loved ones. This is frankly appalling of you, but we've got you covered anyway.

  • The Cracker Jack Classic baseball series, which ran from 1982-1985, was perhaps the finest hour for baseball in the 1980s. Not exactly Old Timer's Day, but not quite baseball's version of the Champions Tour, a revival of the event would certainly be fun for the whole family. If everyone in your family is an Andy Van Slyke fan.