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  • The late legend really was one of the best sportswriters we've ever seen. He was also both worse and better than he's remembered for being.

  • The new play by one of Japan's best and most polarizing playwrights is about the tension between Japan and Korea, the atomic bomb, and...Ichiro. It's really something.

  • Skating is about a great many things, but it is not about being perfect. For all his idiocies and failings, Ali Boulala knows this, and beautifully enough to help other people know it. Which means he knows a lot, actually.

  • On the experience of winning a Stanley Cup, without so much as one loss, from a very comfortable seat.

  • One of the world's great Scuba experiences happens to exist on Mickey Mouse's turf, which means that diving with the rays and sharks and Guitarfish at Epcot's 5.7 million gallon tank means being a Part Of [Their] World, minus an actual Little Mermaid.

  • March 7, 2014
    The NFL Biennial

    With the Whitney Biennial, one of the biggest events in contemporary art, opening in New York this weekend, there's no better time than the present to present the art analogues for every NFL team. Yes, there is an artist who resembles the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • On becoming pure ego, which is even more thrilling and frightening than it sounds.

  • On conference rivalries, huge amounts of money, made-for-TV spectacle, flag-motif sneakers, the gentleness of Florida State's Michael Ojo, and other jests of varying length.

  • Skateboarding videos showcase dizzying acts of grace, and increasingly also portray the work (and multiple failed attempts) required to get it right. They are, fundamentally, celebrations of possibility. The ghoulish, violent slam videos that still haunt the sport are... not.

  • October 22, 2013
    Yellow Dog Blues

    Beers, bets, greyhounds running on television, and a confrontation with existential uncertainty. Welcome to Florida.