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  • February 23, 2015
    Ready For Cricket

    The Cricket World Cup is underway across the world, and will be going on for some time. For those of us stuck on the wrong side of the international dateline, this is an opportunity to get to know it, and get into it. What, you had other plans?

  • Most baseball fans, even serious ones, haven't seen much of the San Francisco Giants or Kansas City Royals. Which means that, for most baseball fans, the most reasonable option is to pick the team with the World Series team with the best uniform and cheer for them. We can help.

  • A conservative sport run by a cabal of myopic middle-aged men in a remote location far from the media’s prying eye and which, until recently, determined its champion through arcane rankings as indecipherable to the common fan as reading runes. And now, finally, after many false starts, it will have playoffs. It's cricket. What sport did you think we were talking about?