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  • March 7, 2014
    Rick Ankiel Is Out The Clog

    Rick Ankiel succumbed to Rick Ankiel's Disease, then conquered it to become a productive Major Leaguer and retire on something like his own terms. There have been many better players in his generation, but few whose virtuosity came with more struggle attached.

  • March 29, 2013
    Good for Something

    Even before it started, Bobby Valentine's tenure as Red Sox manager was an unmitigated disaster. But, with a new crop of hot young prospects, a quarter billion in bad contracts shipped to LA and a top-10 pick in this year's draft, was Bobby V's reign really as bad as we thought? 

  • Coming into the league amongst a cavalcade of uber-athletic big men, Chris Wilcox was the type of player  that could bend basketball games through his sheer athletic will, leaving smaller, less gifted opponents cowering as he came thundering down the lane. But how he ended up doing a yeoman's job backing up Kevin Garnett is Why We Watch.