Even in the under-10 demographic, Yankee fans were typically better-looking, wealthier, and more athletic than Mets fans, who tended to be chubbier or punier or, in my case, nerdier than the general elementary school population. It makes sense when you think about it. People who are accustomed to winning in real life will naturally gravitate toward the franchise that symbolizes excellence. It takes a certain amount of humility and comfort with being a loser to pull for a raggedy crew of screw-ups.

Vince & Steph style and profile, Ric & Charlotte bail, and Brock & Paul put on a show. Raw Regurgitated on the internet, just for you!

There was a moment in time when Billy Crystal was a bankable star who could make whatever movie he wanted. And he once wanted to make a rom-com about Debra Winger falling in love with a smuggish NBA ref.

Chris Jericho is the Coolest Dad in the room, Charlotte is the biggest jerk in the Divas' division and Roman never stops believing, until it's too late. Monday Night Raw, regurgitated on the internet just for you!

For the modern basketball fan, the League Pass provides the chance to watch basically everything, and logic follows that any sane individual would take advantage of the opportunity by watching either completely stacked teams or highflyers. But who ever said logic applies to fandom?

The McMahons forget to check their privilege, Kevin Owens goes off the deep end and the New Day rocks Brooklyn. Raw Regurgitated on the internet, just for you!

Aside from the usual sideline histrionics, the most unusual thing about Year 1 of Jim Harbaugh at Michigan was how ordinary it ended up being.

The exciting conclusion—or is it?—to Chuck Hayes search for meaning and shrimp along the Oregon Trail, and his showdown with the dreaded Barnes Gang.

The Fall Experimental Football League doesn't aspire to challenging the NFL for American Football Domination. It just wants to be a viable football league, and while that goal is still some ways off, they've at least got the "experimental" part down pat.

The New Day talk about their feelings, Ric and Charlotte make things complicated for Becky Lynch and the Roman Empire finally takes over Philadelphia. Raw Regurgitated on the internet, just for you!