In which Pat Riley harnesses the power of basketball's foremost warlock twins to send Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook back in time to stop Steph Curry.

Ron Hextall wasn't the best goaltender of his era, or any other. But he was good enough at one thing to sneak into a kid's dreams, and stay there.

Dean goes shopping, Zach Ryder goes over and Shane goes insane. Raw Regurgitated, on the internet, just for you!

Right now, NBA teams are especially into a very specific type of player—long, athletic, and with very specific skills. Here's a look into what's (probably not) next.

Jonny Auping

 et al.

Dion Waiters has had an extremely difficult life, and a tragic last couple weeks away from basketball. He's played through it, brilliantly, and given a glimpse of the strength and struggle under his bluster. Also: JR Smith Bobblehead Night.

New Day (kind of) Rocks, AJ-KO (kind of) rules and Dean Ambrose (kind of) main events the show! Raw Regurgitated, on the internet, just for you!

Baseball's economics are insane in basically every way, but there's one simple way to start fixing that: get rid of the owners. Then get to work.

The Warriors have been so dominant this season that the entire rest of the league has landed in their shadow. Maybe it's time to look at things from a different angle.

Roman gets booed, Dean gets a present and the League of Nations finally gets some heat. Raw regurgitated, on the internet, just for you!

There is a great deal of dispute over who invented, or first truly weaponized, the jumpshot. Dwight "Bo" Lamar didn't invent it, but he did invent some version of the future. An excerpt from Shawn Fury's new book Rise and Fire.