There's a musical about James Naismith inventing basketball, and it's just about as weird as it sounds. It's also redundant, given how much basketball already works like music. 

Johnny Football's Heisman story may follow the same narrative line as the New Radicals: an immense amount of potential squandered because of an inablity to perform under pressure and conform to the rigors of a life in the spotlight. But let's not worry about that now, as Someday We'll Know, one way or another. 

Arsenal isn't just a soccer team, it's an expression of a philosophy about the sport. But Per Mertesacker, the quiet, constant and deceptively remarkable defender who is the team's best player, embodies a different and more practical philosophy simply by playing the way he does.

Thanks in large part to his virtuosic talent as a fighter, B.J. Penn could have been one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever. He didn't. But as Penn gears up to fight on Saturday, the old squandered-potential line doesn't feel quite right. No, he hasn't done everything he could have with his abilities. Have you?

Watching Dion Waiters play is not exactly like watching a re-run of "The A-Team." For one thing, there's notably less George Peppard. But in all the ways that watching "The A-Team" is both awesome and excruciating, watching Dion Waiters is actually a lot like watching "The A-Team."

Dolph Ziggler's been the Next Big Thing for as long as he's been in the WWE. But, given his burgeoning feud with John Cena, and the coveted Money in the Bank contract under his arm, things are looking good for a guy from the Spirit Squad. 

Luis Suarez is one of the best scorers in the Premier League, and on earth, right now. He's probably not one of the best people in or on either. So: which one matters more to you?

It has been one year, give or take, since The Classical became a thing. We owe that year to you, and are hugely grateful for it. Now let's figure out what's next.

The last time I won $25 in instant lotto, I felt immortal. I bought myself a Greek salad at the diner across the street to celebrate, which soaked up about $15 of the $25, less the original $5 overhead. I definitely wasted any remaining net winnings within hours, but I still felt like a fucking wizard of life.

The Colombian Winter League is the worst of the Caribbean winter leagues. A very quick glance at the rosters of its four teams indicates that there is very little major league talent involved, past or present. That doesn't mean it's not baseball, or that the games aren't enjoyable, just different and slow. Very slow.