He struggled through a torn MCL, losing 60 pounds and the indignity of being stuck on island with Blair from The Facts of Life; but ultimately, Jeff Kent's run on Survivor ended  because of his biggest vulnerability: how gosh darn likable he is. 

David Roth

 et al.

The jokes are right there when it comes to Jeffrey Loria's recent situationist prank/gutting of the Miami Marlins. But even with baseball's evilest muppet acting his evilest in the middle of it all, it's tough to laugh at the latest bit of avant-garde shamelessness from baseball's worst owner. Tough, but not impossible.

Rasheed Wallace has been very good at basketball at different points in his career. But while the Knicks' 38-year-old victory blunt's best ball is in the past, he remains the NBA's foremost, most inspiring and most indelible transgressor of norms, compiler of technicals, and general outlaw genius.

A conversation with the novelist Inman Majors, scion of one of Tennessee's greatest football families and author of Love's Winning Plays, an alternately affectionate and savage satire of college football, college football culture, and grown men who wear golf visors at night.

Danilo Gallinari looks goofy, out of sorts and generally out of place on the court, right up until the moments in which he looks like star. The good news, for him and the Denver Nuggets and fans of the implausible and graceful, is that Gallo seems to see himself as the star, not the doofus.

The Tracy McGrady who received a hero's welcome at China's Qingdao Liuting Airport was not the player that has slipped into itinerant bench-player status in the NBA over the last few seasons. He wasn't the superstar who lit up the league in the early part of the last decade, either, of course. This T-Mac was something altogether different: a different type of star in a different type of basketball culture, and possibly China's next great basketball mogul.

Consider Andrew Bynum, born into a life of relative comfort and coasting since then on his genetic good fortune, standing now as Goliath in the City of David. He is doubly blessed in every sense, but he has to play his home games in Philadelphia. And in that regard, and for those reasons, Andrew Bynum seems somehow doomed.

Brandon Jennings wants to be noticed, and plays wildly and well enough to deserve it. But at the start of his fourth season in the league, and one that will do much to define the rest of his career, Jennings still has some self-inflicted blemishes, and they don't look any better in the spotlight.

Lucha libre, part slapstick and part morality tale,  hardly resembles its American wrestling counterparts. But what lucha libre lacks in familiarity, it makes up for in spectacle. 

In a year when the New York City Marathon brought politics and bullshit to the fore, a Haitian followed Hurricane Sandy to New York to run the race and raise money for a school. Then the race got cancelled.