For as long as Bo Ryan has been coaching at Wisconsin, questions have been raised about his teams' persistent lack of NBA-grade talent. He and the Badgers keep answering those questions by winning. Perhaps a better question is how Ryan and Wisconsin keep beating all these star-studded opponents, one year after another.

Spring Training baseball, in Arizona and in general, is a long way from the game fans are used to, for better and worse. But if Spring Training isn't quite like regular baseball, neither is it quite like anything else.

In the grand scheme of things, and in the NCAA Tournament, the winner of the MAAC Championship does not matter all that much. To the players fighting for the chance to write their own ending, though, it means so much more.

The "argument" between Skip Bayless and Richard Sherman on ESPN's "debate" show First Take was the latest in a long line of highly embarrassing, increasingly frequent moments for the network and their resident curmudgeon. And even though he's starting to finally wear out his welcome at the Worldwide Leader, with the rise of Fox Sports 1, it looks like we may never get rid of him.  

Deer antler spray included, there's never been a crazier example of animal-based performance enhancing than Hall of Fame pitcher Pud Galvin's experience with a magical elixir created by Charles Brown-Sequard. Let's just put it this way: whether or not it had monkey testerone is the least interesting part of the ingredient list.

Leaving Arsenal, Gunner star Cesc Fabregas anointed the young Jack Wilshere, saying, “Jack will be the England captain inside the next two or three years, you don't have to be a magician to work that one out.” Wilshere’s talent was never questioned,  but did little to ease pain of Fabregas's departure. His play, on the other hand, has managed that.

Ray Allen's brilliance is built on what seems like a simple act of repetition: the same perfect shot, taken and made over and over, for years. But while that's at the center of what makes Allen great, it's not just that. It's a lot more than that.

The Sloan Sports and Analytics Conference may not have been quite the revolution as its most ardent acolytes imagined, but a lot of business cards were exchanged anyway. Part one of a two-part dispatch from a land where the GM of the Houston Rockets is something like a king, and all believe that some great change is coming.

Delonte West, who is still an effective player and just 29 years old, is unemployed for reasons that have little to do with basketball, and much to do with things basketball people don't much like talking about.

There are reasons why baseball fans have been slow to warm up to the World Baseball Classic, but the baseball being played in these goofy, great games is not one of them. It's time we got over ourselves, and get into the WBC.