For a couple of movies about the rejects from District 5, the Mighty Ducks trilogy has remarkable resonance with an entire generation of sports fans. Other than the proper Knuckle-puck technique and the intricacies of the triple-deke,  if we learned anything from them, it's to never stop asking "What if"? 

Marquis Daniels is a veteran NBA role-player for a living, and a Gucci Mane collaborator as something more than a hobby. The overlap between a day gig as a defense-minded wing player and a sideline in trap music isn't immediately apparent, but it mostly comes back to playing the part required.

National Signing Day has quickly evolved into a sports holiday, covered within an inch of its life by any number of outlets, and always ESPN is leading the way. That many of the kids who seem like stars today will fade away before the end of spring practice seems secondary.  

Bleacher Report writers aren't born, they're made. Specifically, they're formed in the crucible of Bleacher Report University, the online program that B/R uses to shape young writers into slideshow shape. It's kind of a depressing place.

NMA's relentlessly weird and stupendously timely animations give an extra two dimensions to Twitter's non-stop goof session on sports. It can be funny, but it's not necessarily pretty.

Donald Driver was never quite great, and never anything less than good, during his 14 seasons in Green Bay. When he retires on Wednesday, it will be as a player who both invited and defied easy mythmaking, and who did so with a smile.

Tim Marchman

 et al.

UFC 156 was one of the best cards the company has ever put on. Tim-Tom have the event's good, bad and -- because someone let an angry person use a webcam -- the ugliness of a YouTube diss video, plus much much more in this edition of Yakkin' About Mixed Martial Arts. 

It's not just that Dirk Nowitzki revolutionized the position he plays on the floor, although he did do that. But in becoming both a great player and a NBA champion, Nowitzki also exploded his own narrative, and won the right to write his own ending.

Whatever Super Bowl Sunday brings us, Krewe du Vieux's float of a giant vagina eating Roger Goodell has already given us the most enduring, and maybe most appropriate (if still plenty inappropriate), image for Super Bowl XLV.

Sports Illustrated Presents Dr. Z's Greatest Moments in Super Bowl History should be the most famous piece of sportswriting about football, period. So how come you’ve almost certainly never heard of it?