He has squabbled with Barry Bonds in the dugout and T.J. Simers in a clubhouse, injured himself while "washing his car" and won a National League MVP. But by going on CBS' Survivor, Jeff Kent is entering a new universe of strangeness. Luckily, he is bringing his sunny attitude and mustache along with him.

With Punk in pinstripes, a burgeoning mid-card, and championships that actually matter, it appears as though the WWE is ready to make the shift from "sports entertainment" to "entertaining sports company". It's an evolution 17 years in the making, and it all started with a spark (and also, someone giving away a house). 

Award-winning international soccer journalist Simon Kuper chats with The Classical about his new book, his sense of the future of soccer, and more.

A writer goes to Cuba in search of Guillermo Rigondeaux and some truth about the athletes who stay in Cuba and those who leave. Instead, he finds Cuba: that is, Cubans and Cuban things and, um, horny people. A reprint from

After last night's debacle in Green Bay, America was given the opportunity to continue one of its favorite past times: mocking Jay Cutler. But what does that say about us as sports fans, and more importantly, as individuals? 

Tomas Rios

 et al.

With the Jon "Bones" Jones fight only a week away, and an Anderson Silva-Stephan Bonnar fight coming up at UFC 153, MMA fans can anticipate a lot of ... something. Tim Marchman and Tomas Rios are sure of that, and also, what Dana White looks like teaching Boxercize classes. 

David Roth

 et al.

Mike Francesa is not just the most powerful and self-confident and ham-like personality in sports radio, although he is that. He's also a recognizably New York type, and a state of mind. So, yeah, definitely someone worth talking about.

It has become a crucial part of free agent etiquette and basic not-seeming-like-a-jerk PR: players leaving a longtime team take the time and spend the standard rates to take out a newspaper ad thanking the fans they're leaving behind. It's a nice enough idea, but where did it come from?

Most times, you go to a baseball game hoping to see something you've never seen before. But what happens if the game is sponsored by something you've been forced (pardon the pun) to see before and didn't really enjoy the first time? 

With his triumphs as a member of the Gunners behind him, incandescently brilliant striker Robin van Persie has begun a new life with a new team at Old Trafford. But that doesn't mean that the Gooners have forgotten about him or his silhouette. And that's not as weird as it sounds.