The Orlando Summer League is the lowest-wattage of the NBA's three summer leagues, playing in front of an industry-only crowd in a city that mostly doesn't care. And yet, because it's basketball, it still works.

Tim Duncan was a tall gentleman who was staggeringly great at basketball. But what else was he?

Half a decade ago, the Hardy Boyz were a hot property for WWE. Today, they're working out their Cain and Abel complex in a bizarre, cinematic, totally goofy feud on TNA. It's a win, even if it doesn't sound like one.

Like the Thunder, the Orlando Magic once looked like a rising dynasty powered by a duo of young stars. Then one of the stars bolted, and things fell apart for more than a decade. The parallel might be too close for Thunder fans' comfort.

The Chicago Cubs sure seem like a team that could, maybe even should, win the World Series. They're also the Cubs. For those more accustomed to dealing with the latter than the former, it's all pretty complicated.

Moments after disappearing from the camera’s sight, Dirk picked up a trashcan found in the visitors’ hallway of Oracle Arena, and in a failed attempt to exorcise the burden of defeat that hung on his shoulders, hurled it against a sheetrock wall.

Kyrie Irving brought the sdnobfwevg! on Monday night against the Warriors. This is just what some of us needed.

If Bale can't please every last Madridista, Euro 2016 is at least an opportunity for him to flaunt his greatness for his undermanned national team.

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The only guide you need to the most important names in Major League Baseball's June Draft.

Muhammad Ali lived a life that was bigger, in every way, than any athlete of his era. These are the memories of four people who knew him—author Thomas Hauser, When We Were Kingsfilmmaker Leon Gast, HBO's Jim Lampley, and trainer Freddie Roach—of meeting him at various points along that journey.