Amazing Grace and Chuck isn't very good, and is -- despite the best efforts of Alex English, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gregory Peck and others -- frequently very not-good. It's almost well-meaning enough to make up for that.

While his death may have been overshadowed by the stench of Donald Sterling, the legacy left behind in basketball by Dr. Jack Ramsay will last much longer than any damage Sterling could have done to his beloved game.  

Talking to the author of Big Hair and Plastic Grass and the new Stars and Strikes: Baseball and America in the Bicentennial Summer of ’76 about mustaches, highly visible owners, the weird world of 1970s baseball, and the indiscreet charm of Yasiel Puig.

China loves basketball, in a way that's unique to China and unique in general. A pickup basketball tour through China's small villages proves it.

A number of sports-minded academics, including some friends of ours, are starting an academic-minded sports site. So we talked about it.

In 2011, Dirk Nowitzki gave everyone who cares about the NBA something they did not dare expect. He, and those Mavericks, gave some people even more than that. They needed it.

...Well, obviously they're not perfect. They probably won't survive their series against the Spurs. But their perfection all depends what you have in mind.

Aaron Gordon is a very good, very flawed, and very much unfinished college player. That makes him all the more fun to dream on at the next level.

How did a great Joe Montana touchdown pass to Dwight Clark become "The Catch"? The same way all NFL myths get made: because NFL Films had its camera in just the right place, and knew just how to sell it. An excerpt from Travis Vogan's book Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media.

In most sports, competitive parity is viewed as a goal. In the post-Tiger PGA, it's flattened things maybe too much. At age 20, after nearly winning at Augusta National, Jordan Spieth looks just about ready to shake things up.