The Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey this season. In the beginning of February. This has lead to some obvious concerns from players, and more than a few broadcasters, but they seem to be missing the point: the NFL has been singing "Let It Snow" since the game was announced.

After a life spent wandering the world, looking for the things one wanders the world looking for, a Saudi-born, Canada-raised Indian in Australia finds a sort of homecoming in cricket.

Antonio Gramsci can tell us more about the slippery, difficult business of building a basketball team than you might expect. Although most of it is about what we -- and NBA general managers -- don't know.

This week, Monsters rule the Midway with a mix of old-school brutality and new-school CTE symptoms, Mike Glennon throws a ball through a hole in the time-space continuum and the "drama" of ball-control offense.

The departure of Chris Hero from WWE, and from the absurd name of Kassius Ohno, was probably what's best for the performer himself, considering how beloved he is on the independent circuits from which he came. But it also may mark a paradigm shift in the way talent makes its way to television. And is that what's best for business?

The home team, Ranchito, wore white jerseys with a single green stripe down one side, and green shorts and socks. No badges or sponsor. The visitors were Progresso FC, and they wore Barcelona kits. Not kits that look like Barcelona kits: actual replica Barça kits. 

Ted Walker

 et al.

A conversation in which Ted and Eric discuss Carl Crawford's knee ligaments, offseason coping mechanisms, and how to reconcile the Hall of Fame with the modern era. 

John Calipari is, for all his success, not one of college basketball's best-loved personalities. That's college basketball's problem, not his.

Vince Carter has outlasted a great many of his peers, if also outlasted himself in some ways. His greatest moment, the career-defining dunk over Frederic Weis in the 2000 Olympics, will outlive him.

Much of America knows it as Thanksgiving. Football-watchers know it as the one day of the NFL season on which Thursday football seems to make some sort of sense. Also there are some other games on Sunday, all of which will count against teams' records this season. Also an inquiry into the possibility of football on the moon.