You can bet on an Arsenal game from inside Emirates Stadium, but Americans need to go to Las Vegas or a series of dodgy websites. Why is it so much harder to bet on a soccer game in the United States than it is in the United Kingdom?

Or: why commencement speeches, even those by baseball's grumpiest and most self-impressed geniuses, are universally bullshit. But maybe especially ones given by Tony La Russa.

The '99-00 Orlando Magic weren't a good team. They weren't that bad, either. But given that this was a team built to fail, their mediocrity became memorable.

Five sets and then some in The Bullring, creeping loneliness on the outer courts, a noteworthy dearth of crepes, and other notes from a day at the French Open.

In what's already looking like a lost season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen offers proof of another, brighter possibility, and a very different game.

Remembering what either was or wasn't a visitation from the gunning ghost of the former New Jersey Nets star, a refugee from a place that doesn't exist anymore.

How a 2016 Olympic hopeful came from behind, again and again, and wound up where he was never supposed to be.

For a generation, Manchester United stood for a certain way of being a soccer team. They were never really that, of course, but that was never quite the point.

A brief word, from a non-Major League baseball player who has been there, about what paternity leave is like, and why it should never be a controversy.

Over three decades, Javier Zanetti meant a great deal to Inter fans, and soccer fans in general. What makes him different, and made him great, was how much that actually meant.