Georgia's Todd Gurley is a Heisman contender. Toledo's Kareem Hunt is a star on a low-wattage team. The races they're running are less different than you might think.

On going someplace strange to watch a baseball game that doesn't really matter.

The Last Boy Scout is pretty easily the nuttiest film ever made about professional football, and one of the crazier films of its era in general. Naturally, it looks more and more realistic by the day.

The Philadelphia Eagles have waited, loudly and not all that patiently, for the quarterback who could take the team where it has never been. That was not supposed to be Nick Foles.

How long is too long to let the Dallas Cowboys mess around with your life? An excerpt from The Classical Magazine Issue 9/Nine/IX, "Losing."

The St. Louis Cardinals have not been an especially good baseball team in 2014. The St. Louis Cardinals are in first place. This is all very familiar, actually.

Ray Rice's crime against his now-wife was one of domestic violence. So why is domestic violence such a vanishingly small part of the conversation about Ray Rice?

Gael Monfils was a point away from beating Roger Federer and making it to the US Open semifinals. That match didn't work out the way he -- and his cult following among fans of beautiful and extremely weird tennis -- might have wanted. But as with everything else Monfils related, it worked out in the most Monfils-ian way possible.

It's not simple, but it's not difficult, either. It may or may not be worth it. But you are probably doing it right now.

Hugh Alexander experienced the exploitation of baseball from both sides. His life in the game is the game's life in microcosm, for better and also for worse. An excerpt from Jack Moore's ebook Primary Sources.