The Sloan Sports and Analytics Conference may not have been quite the revolution as its most ardent acolytes imagined, but a lot of business cards were exchanged anyway. Part one of a two-part dispatch from a land where the GM of the Houston Rockets is something like a king, and all believe that some great change is coming.

Delonte West, who is still an effective player and just 29 years old, is unemployed for reasons that have little to do with basketball, and much to do with things basketball people don't much like talking about.

There are reasons why baseball fans have been slow to warm up to the World Baseball Classic, but the baseball being played in these goofy, great games is not one of them. It's time we got over ourselves, and get into the WBC.

David Roth

 et al.

Getting loose, jogging through some desultory in-game outfield sprints, finding our arm slots and feeling raw terror at the prospect of a well-armed and irked Kirk "Ted Nugent Is A Friend" Gibson. Spring Training is a time for figuring things out.

The Carrier Dome hosted its last Big East game on Wednesday night, and Syracuse quite fittingly won big. Syracuse will move to the ACC next year, and while the giant pillow-topped dome is not going anywhere, things won't be the same for one of college basketball's best and weirdest venues. Which is fine, because the Carrier Dome isn't really like anyplace else.

He spent years in the hoops wilderness, and several years on the bench proving it, but Will Bynum is good enough to have a job in the NBA. He's just the sort of player whose lot is to continually apply for the job he already has.

A bad call at a worse time will presumably prevent England from winning the Champions League trophy. It's not the first time a ref has made a mistake that cost a team a chance at glory, but it happens more in soccer than it feels like it should. Or at least that's what the death threats that the refs get would make you think.  

An impractical guide to the new and surprising NBA rule interpretations that will arrive during this year's NBA Playoffs. "Traveling" has never been so complicated, so simple, so vast or so terrifying.

Before the World Baseball Classic, slightly after the actual fall of the Soviet Union, and definitely on inexpensive Canadian locations, one baseball movie dared to ask: could David Mamet's favorite actor coach a ragtag bunch of Soviet athletes to semi-competence?

Pro wrestling demands an unusual suspension of disbelief, but Efedding—online, role-playing virtual wrestling—requires something more profound of the people who are obsessed with it: actual, total belief in the wrestlers and rivalries that they've collaborated in making up.