Multi-platform mogul. Basketball player. Cultural ambassador. Extremely strange human. Stephon Marbury is all those things, but first and foremost he is an artist -- one of the most revolutionary theater artists of our time.

On a college football Saturday full of upsets and boldface match-ups, Oregon State at Colorado barely rated. For those in the stands in Boulder, though, that didn't matter at all.

A baseball game can be a safe and almost sacred space, and the sort of gift any parent would want to give a child. But the world is not a ballpark, and kids are kids.

In which a football team fires bazookas in an inexpensive-seeming foreign country, because Ernest Borgnine's ghost told them to. This does not please ethnically ambiguous despot Henry Silva any more than you think it might. Spoiler alert?

David Roth

 et al.

Bud Selig's goofy miniature playoffs, Ned Yost's refusal to take the very important medicine prescribed to him, and the search for fun in the last days of 2014. Also Adam Dunn experiments with edibles.

A fan-fiction journey in which Carlos Boozer, Tyrus Thomas, a probably-insane Gilbert Arenas, and other Chosen Players attempt to escape Amnesty Island and save the NBA from ... uh, other players that have not been amnestied under the league's collective bargaining agreement.

Jameis Winston, football quarterback, looks like a very rare talent. Naturally, the rest of who he is has proved to be a more complicated question -- and one that the NFL's reliably anonymous scouting corps doesn't seem nearly ready to answer.


For most fans and most teams, the 2014 season is over. This is a drag, but this is also how baseball works, and also baseball never quite ends.

Why do we keep coming back to baseball teams that don't deserve us? The short answer is love, and the longer answer is different for everyone.

The Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians finished a game that had been delayed for three weeks, in a different city. It was baseball, and it was good.