Over three decades, Javier Zanetti meant a great deal to Inter fans, and soccer fans in general. What makes him different, and made him great, was how much that actually meant.

Fighting at the highest level on earth is not as simple as Daniel Cormier makes it look, even for Daniel Cormier. As far as we know, anyway. The scary thing about him, and the best reason to watch him fight, is that we don't yet know how easy it really is for him.

The WWE legend formerly known as Mankind famously took a long time to make it as a wrestler. He's spent much of his life since then giving back, and not at all in the ways you might expect. A conversation with one of the very best humans in sports.

Jonathon Niese is not quite an ace, at least as it's usually understood. He's something quieter than that, if only differently great.

Tom Thibodeau isn't just the NBA's hoarsest and hardest-driving coach. He's that, too, but he's also a harsh and hard-working worldview come to life. It's a gift, and it makes him great, but it's not any easier on him than it sounds.

Hockey teams are losing games. Cities are losing teams. A lot of us are losing a lot more.

"When I looked back through time, I saw that sportswriters seem to have taken delight in reporting on facial hair in particular for a hundred years. I think it has to do with Homo sapiens’ discomfort with its membership in the animal kingdom."

In 1963, the A's wore new gold and kelly green uniforms, and the sheep in the outfield wore gold and kelly green blankets. The sheep were a popular attraction, though not universally. They baaahed, they pooped, they smelled like sheep.

The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball is very much not the Major Leagues, which was easy enough to notice at the Camden Riversharks' "Costanza Night." But also that's not an insult.

You must show the Eagles cheerleader your team spirit. You can steal warm Pepsi if you dare. You are not as unlike everyone else there as you think. Also: Adam Schefter eating a sandwich.