Josh Lueke committed a terrible crime. Josh Lueke is still here, and playing baseball.

Some basketball intellectuals have criticized the Pentagon Offense for being stodgy, outmoded, inflexible, unworkable, unrealistic, backwards, impractical and ineffective. They are all wrong.

As the scandal over UNC's "paper classes" shows, something isn't working in college sports. Instead of another round of punishment and clucking, maybe it's time we thought about this relationship differently.

What do the Spurs give us that other teams don't? It's more than dominance, and more than just seeing a game played beautifully and well. The Spurs can, if you want them to be, exemplify something like a way of being.

Why do we expect the athletes we care about to care about different things than we do?

At his best, there is no soccer player on earth like Mario Balotelli. At the moment, though, Balotelli doesn't look much like that, or even much like himself.

Nick Bond

 et al.

An excerpt of an excerpt from the Wrestling Issue of The Classical Magazine, wherein David Shoemaker (AKA the Masked Man) and Nick Bond (AKA The N1ckster) discuss Keeping up with the Kardashians, 30 Rock, and Mystery Train. Also, wrestling.

What does an unsung NFL star do after his playing career is over? Everything, mostly.

Major League Soccer's Chivas USA is no more. So long live Chivas USA, or at least what Chivas USA might have been.

The Memphis Grizzlies were unusually patient with Mike Conley, Jr. Their patience has paid off, and Conley is a long way from finished.