The Sacramento Kings spent nearly a decade in zombified stasis. Whatever else they are now, they're at least awake.

Jack Rodwell is a talented and unusually injury-prone young soccer player. That last bit is a good deal more complicated than it seems at first.

After lots of noisy debate, the college football playoff shook out exactly as the game's most powerful interests could've wanted. It was never going to be any other way.

The Los Angeles Lakers aren't any good this year. The bigger problem is that they're nothing but that.

As Rob Ford's mayoral career crashed and burned, the Raptors rose. For Toronto natives, candidate and team served something like the same purpose, and spoke to the same longstanding civic need.

What if I told you that a pair of magical shoes could turn a tapped-out bumpkin character into a basketball star in a movie that manages to disrespect every major religion, and many other things? (It's a rhetorical question, that is what happens in Slam Dunk Ernest.) (Sorry for any confusion.)

After a mostly failed year-long quest to quit the game, it seems worth trying to figure out how and why football's hold is so powerful.

Patrick Redford

 et al.

A frank conversation on the TED Talk-y tendencies, general weirdness, and secret promise of the USMNT's weird and weirdly iconic coach.

Making crowds seethe with anger is one of the oldest and proudest traditions in professional wrestling. So why has heel heat -- arguably the most memorable heat the sport has to offer -- become so hard to come by? From The Classical Magazine Issue 12, WORK.

A layman's introduction to the unique and brutal basketballing culture of the fascinating, violent, and little-understood Eastern Conference, including a ranking of the region's most powerful basketballing factions.