It's not that LeBron returning to the Cavaliers changes everything -- or even anything -- about Cleveland sports. It's more that, as revealed on a trip to the Indians game on the first night of the second LeBron Era, it feels as if things have changed.

With every World Cup comes the question of whether this one will be the one that makes the U.S. finally fall in love with soccer. An anecdotal survey of bars and fans during Brazil 2014 suggests that this one was indeed different. But maybe it's the question that's the problem.

Everything is different in South Florida. And during the World Cup, this most unusual part of the country is like nowhere else. For a South Floridian watching her first World Cup outside of World Cup World, it makes for one hell of a culture shock.

Ronda Rousey, Chris Weidman, and Lyoto Machida are really good at sports. There's more to it than that, given that this is the UFC we're talking about, but there doesn't necessarily need to be.

Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Sam Hinkie's Endless And Semi-Sadistic Rebuilding Of The 76ers And Love The Process.

Well, that was painful. Also, that was great. 

Everyone knows what skee-ball is, and thousands of people enjoy playing the century-old boardwalk game. But, just as a league called Brewskee-Ball has revived the game's popularity in the United States, the owners of the original trademark have returned with a vengeance to claim what's they believe to be theirs.

David Roth

 et al.

League-wide retirement tours for the players that need them most, egg-eating challenges for the relief pitchers that need them least, silent contemplation of Terry Collins fleshlight jokes, and Rebecca DeMornay as herself.

I couldn’t understand why Anthony Davis had contacted me. Was it just a guise to get me to download this silly Unibrowswer web app? The app was the linchpin of a promotional push built around A.D.’s upcoming All-Star Game appearance. But if they were marketing it to graybeards like me, their branding needed a serious tune-up. After my fifth click, though, I saw why A.D. needed me.

FIFA wanted vibrant culture and masses in the streets during this World Cup. Unfortunately for them, they got both earlier than anticipated. The party is happening alright, but it’s made up of people who are fed up with government mismanagement and fealty to FIFA’s demands. In that spirit, what follows is the beginning of a playlist to accompany a proper World Cup gathering.