That it's a lady arm wrestling league would be enough, but the LA Lady Arm Wrestlers are so much more than enough.

Our senior Bicycling to Nowhere in Particular Correspondent writes about what he finds (and loses) while braving Vancouver, Washington's wind and rain.

Everyone knows what Sam Hinkie's gambit is with the Philadelphia 76ers. No one knows if it's working, or ever will. That's the sour and hilarious genius of it.

Kevin Garnett is back in Minnesota, where very little has changed.

Once one of the stranger and more in-demand quantities in the NBA economy, expiring contracts are no longer a big trade deadline target. Good. Basketball is for the living.

The Cricket World Cup is underway across the world, and will be going on for some time. For those of us stuck on the wrong side of the international dateline, this is an opportunity to get to know it, and get into it. What, you had other plans?

With Pacquaio-Mayweather always teetering between salvation and dissolution, it's easy to forget how many exciting  young boxers and fantastic, if obscure, rivalries you can find in the world of boxing if you're just willing to look hard enough.

We have a new series about baseball. You should write for it.

The conversation surrounding Danica Patrick's place in NASCAR has always been windy and bad. She's already proven that she belongs in every way that matters most—a category that doesn't necessarily include winning races.

Why doesn't anyone mention Chris Bosh's mastery in the Shooting Stars competition? Besides only the hardest-core All-Star Saturday dead-enders caring about it, that is. Anyway, let's celebrate a champion.