Without a single remnant of the 2008 championship team left, the Celtics look to evolve in a city surprisingly amenable to (some) changes and scared to their bones by others. 

Through the first half of the NBA season, the Golden State Warriors have looked pretty great. But we won't really know if they're for real until we hear from experts like Nancy Grace, Charles Barkley, Sean Hannity, Tom Friedman and Frances McDormand.

It's hard to imagine a team worse than the intentionally terribad 76ers, but there the Knicks stand at the very bottom of the NBA table. And while how much of it is Carmelo Anthony's fault is debatable, the situation doesn't seem like it's going to get any better, any time soon. 

There are any number of sensations you'll find at a minor league hockey game: the chill in the air, the smell of the ice, the vision of blood gushing out of someone's face after taking a puck to the head. 

The Classical is going through some changes. But good ones, the kind where people high five at the end of the movie because they've successfully landed the plane and all learned something about themselves along the way. 

Somewhere back there, The Classical turned three years old. We are getting older, and also newer.

Only a few NFL teams are still playing football. Yet again, the Tennessee Titans only barely seemed to start.

A journey through the English Premier League, with a detour to Turkey and a lot of extremely disrespectful chants.

Russell Westbrook is who he is, for better and worse and more effectively than he ever has been before. What his greatness means for the Thunder is a complicated question, and one that the team would do well to take seriously.

Paul "Bear" Bryant is one of the most iconic figures in college football history. So yeah, Gary Busey would be the obvious choice to play him in a movie.