A conservative sport run by a cabal of myopic middle-aged men in a remote location far from the media’s prying eye and which, until recently, determined its champion through arcane rankings as indecipherable to the common fan as reading runes. And now, finally, after many false starts, it will have playoffs. It's cricket. What sport did you think we were talking about?

No one really talks about loving sports bars. Very few of us actually do, and for very good reason. And yet these shabby, TV-jammed places are where we go to get something we need, and so something like home.

Nick Bond

 et al.

It's time for the Biggest Party of the Summer, so why is Nick so bummed? You guessed it: beards, Canadians and Captain Sunshine. Thankfully, Tom's here to make it all better.   

Darren Young is the first openly gay wrestler in the long, checkered history of WWE. And because Darren Young works for WWE, what his courageous decision will mean for him and his career depends on how WWE decides that story plays.

For the past few years, many football fans have looked upon the success of FC Barcelona with disdain. As the sun sets on Barca's run of greatness, we must ask ourselves: were we  just a bunch of haters?

Johnny Manziel is in trouble for taking money for his autograph. The solution to this apparent controversy is simple: sign more autographs for money. Then sign some more.

The opening horns of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” blared tinnily from somewhere out of sight. This, I assumed, would be George Maloof’s grand entrance. He appeared on horseback, wearing shorts and a half-buttoned shirt, holding his phone high to broadcast the song. Gavin and Joe cheered.

A fictitious but not entirely unconvincing conjecture on the Knicks War Room, the night of the Carmelo Anthony deal. Starring James Dolan and his awful personality and hat collection.

Considering the hype around Daniel Bryan's ascendancy to the main event, it may feel like the WWE title has always been the biggest thing in wrestling. But, like most things, it took a brilliant performance (and an even more brilliant promo) to establish that winning the belt meant that not only did you beat The Man, but that you are The Man. 

The Pirates have been a favorite this season at The Classical. Hope is in the air in Pittsburgh, and Bucs GM Neal Huntington is as big a part of that as anyone. So why aren't we talking about him more?