The '99-00 Orlando Magic weren't a good team. They weren't that bad, either. But given that this was a team built to fail, their mediocrity became memorable.

Five sets and then some in The Bullring, creeping loneliness on the outer courts, a noteworthy dearth of crepes, and other notes from a day at the French Open.

In what's already looking like a lost season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen offers proof of another, brighter possibility, and a very different game.

Remembering what either was or wasn't a visitation from the gunning ghost of the former New Jersey Nets star, a refugee from a place that doesn't exist anymore.

How a 2016 Olympic hopeful came from behind, again and again, and wound up where he was never supposed to be.

For a generation, Manchester United stood for a certain way of being a soccer team. They were never really that, of course, but that was never quite the point.

A brief word, from a non-Major League baseball player who has been there, about what paternity leave is like, and why it should never be a controversy.

Over three decades, Javier Zanetti meant a great deal to Inter fans, and soccer fans in general. What makes him different, and made him great, was how much that actually meant.

Fighting at the highest level on earth is not as simple as Daniel Cormier makes it look, even for Daniel Cormier. As far as we know, anyway. The scary thing about him, and the best reason to watch him fight, is that we don't yet know how easy it really is for him.

The WWE legend formerly known as Mankind famously took a long time to make it as a wrestler. He's spent much of his life since then giving back, and not at all in the ways you might expect. A conversation with one of the very best humans in sports.