A transient Portland resident meditates on the city's obsession with its snakebitten basketball franchise.

The 90's were rough for comic book and wrestling fans with more than half a brain. But living life as a Rob Liefeld drawing was probably harder.

For those in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Jets aren’t just the hottest ticket in town, they’re a boon to civic pride the locals so sorely lack.

New media have changed way we understand our favorite athletes, but not necessarily for the better.

Someone's doing impromptu taxidermy in your back yard? That's a good time to head to the ballpark instead.

In which Whoopi Goldberg inherits a Knicks team with Greg Ostertag and Dwayne Schintzius on it and leads it to the playoffs. It's not a documentary, and James Dolan still thinks Isiah Thomas would've done a better job.

Possessing a roughly equal level of relative truthiness, campaign trailers and wrestling vignettes have significantly more in common with one another than you'd realize. Or probably would be comfortable with if you think about it too hard.

Frank Kaminsky's Wisconsin tenure ended a week ago. That doesn't mean he's stopped being a college basketball player.

Playoff baseball can be excruciatingly, wonderfully hard to watch when it's at its best. Now imagine being forced to watch one of the greatest playoff games in history in total silence.

Baseball's new pace-of-play rules are totally reasonable and useful. But what's right about baseball is also what's boring about it, and the game might as well admit as much.