A man goes to Canada, misses most of the decisive Spurs-Clippers game, and remembers Tim Duncan is the best.

Doc Gooden pitched, the Reds lost and somehow everything made sense.

Every fighter is from someplace. For Max Holloway, from the rugged west side of Oahu, it's different. Not only did he never leave, he brings it with him every time he steps into the octagon.

Bill Simmons' unceremonious firing last week should be as eerily reminiscent for wrestling fans as his contentious relationship with the people in charge. 

For years, the Washington Wizards have followed a very specific, low-trajectory narrative arc. Their shorthanded win in Game 3, even if it is their last win of the season, is memorable specifically because it suggests that a different story is possible.

Memphis, The Grizzlies and William Eggleston don’t beg for understanding or acceptance. Why should they?

Gregg Popovich has earned a reputation as the NBA's reigning salt-lord. That he's also gracious in defeat seems more surprising than it is. For Pop, it's always about what he cares about, and what he doesn't.

No playoff series feels quite as unfinished and in flux, or as likely to tip on a thunderbolt of bad luck, as the one between the Cavs and Bulls. This is what makes it worth watching.

It's a NEW DAY for the WWE, and the moments that are making it happen keep piling up.

Converging on a BattleWorld can be a hard thing but if the WWE and comics industry stay the course they are currently on, things may just work out in the end.