If things had gone differently, Matt Reinhardt might've heard his name called in the NFL Draft. He found a different calling, instead.

Okay, so look, what about this, the devil says. Maybe let me just erase the NFL completely from your mind. What about college football, you say. The devil thinks about it for a minute. Okay, it has to be all football, all of it gone.

Kevin Durant's supremely emotional MVP speech wasn't just great theater, although it was that, too. It was a step towards sports making more emotional sense.

Towards a concrete, scientific, spreadsheet-based understanding of which NFL teams are the Draftiest. (It's not as complicated as it sounds, and given that the Browns can scientifically be proven to be the Draftiest, you know it's legit.)

Essentially every season up to this one, the first commercials for EA Sports' NCAA Football series made their debut during the NFL draft. There's a number of reasons that won't be happening this year, and it's all just part of being a college football fan. For how much longer remains unclear.

David Roth

 et al.

Violence, apathy, and Billy Hamilton trying to win a stuffed animal for Devin Mesoraco at a carnival. When does the season start?

The story is familiar: when presented with adversity, a champion triumphs. But the more complicatd story of British taekwondo Olympian Sarah Stevenson raises a more complicated question: where did we ever get the idea that the familiar story was true? A selection from The Classical Magazine's "Losing" issue.

Amazing Grace and Chuck isn't very good, and is -- despite the best efforts of Alex English, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gregory Peck and others -- frequently very not-good. It's almost well-meaning enough to make up for that.

While his death may have been overshadowed by the stench of Donald Sterling, the legacy left behind in basketball by Dr. Jack Ramsay will last much longer than any damage Sterling could have done to his beloved game.  

Talking to the author of Big Hair and Plastic Grass and the new Stars and Strikes: Baseball and America in the Bicentennial Summer of ’76 about mustaches, highly visible owners, the weird world of 1970s baseball, and the indiscreet charm of Yasiel Puig.