The 2007 Warriors made a lot of Believers. Now it's time for them to have their faith rewarded.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were tough down the stretch and have been great in the NBA Playoffs. As they're in the Finals, that's not surprising. The surprising part is how they've changed, and how quickly.

The things that make JR Smith compelling are the same things which can eventually make him a nightmare to root for. But Cleveland seems to be finding a way to keep the dream alive.

A eulogy of the Spain and Barcelona great's career shouldn't contain such heavy laments, but people aren't perfect.

Paul Pierce was clutch against the Hawks, and then he was not. But the way his shots fell says more about us than him.

Why aren't the worst PPVs treated with the same reverent irreverence as the worst movies? And what does Vince McMahon's not coming to our soccer games have to do with it?

The 1991 Minnesota Twins famously rocketed from worst to first. For an isolated 11-year-old, they did more than that, too.

In their baby-faced crafting of an apocalypse, the Warriors have assumed the role of the water-bringer.

Finally a football movie that combines slobs-versus-snobs approach with weaponized, Jerry Richardson-grade anti-union sentiment. Yes, it's comedy, and yes Keanu Reeves is involved.