As a player and then as a coach, Jack Charlton made a soccer worldview out of discipline and order. Twenty-five years ago, in the 1990 World Cup, he made it pay off. Ireland hasn't forgotten it.

Despite what ESPN brass says, Bill Simmons' former kingdom's future is, at best, cloudy. What does that mean for  sports writing on the internet?

Ty Lawson and Boogie Cousins have no shortage of commonalities heading into a tumultuous offseason. That's all the more reason to keep them apart instead of put them together.

Even in the proud canon of direct-to-DVD films in which a Jack Russell terrier somehow wins a pro wrestling title and discovers the value of family, "Russell Madness" stands out. 

There's nothing historic about the Oakland Athletics winning at home in front of a diverse crowd. Except when there really, truly is.

Fresh off a Copa America suspension, Neymar is in everyone's bad graces. But is he to blame, or is it just part of the circumstances that shaped him into Pele's rightful heir?

The Knicks will continue to be terrible until someone who works for them realizes that they've stunk since essentially the beginning.

One of the best and best-loved baseball video games ever featured goofy graphics, improbable game-play, and a diverse cast of kids. It wasn't state of the art, but Backyard Baseball was a big game for a generation of young fans all the same.

There was nothing more that LeBron James could have done, in these last NBA Finals, but do his job to his utmost. In this sense, and maybe only this one, he's a lot like everyone else.

There are only so many reasons why anyone would choose to care about the San Jose Quakes. Being a transplant to App-world is one of the better ones.