Washington D.C. is many things to many people. Among them: a mecca for gay hockey fans.

When CBC and Hallmark get together on producing a film focusing on hockey legend Gordie Howe's tenure in the ramshackle World Hockey Association, the result is... kind of shockingly good, actually?

The future is now, whether or not the present is aware of it just yet.

He wanted to know what it was like to be the man whose son may very well fulfill the dream he never quite could. 

LeBron James has been many different players throughout his career. The player he's been in these NBA Finals resembles none of those. But as he plays the most superhuman basketball of his career, he's been more human and more paradoxically playful than ever.

No-hitters are rare, but not so rare that one couldn't happen on an otherwise unremarkable night at the ballpark. That's the magic of it.

If LeBron can make championship chicken salad this season, what will that say about the nature of greatness? Can it change the way we think and talk about it?

Some people become fans earlier than others, but it's better late than never. No matter how hard it'll make you cry. 

Philadelphia Phillies top prospect J.P. Crawford arrives at the eternal present, or FirstEnergy Stadium.

The 2007 Warriors made a lot of Believers. Now it's time for them to have their faith rewarded.