That Hulk Hogan ruined his legacy by saying something stupid isn't shocking. That it showed us the truth about him is. 

In which a legendary playwright and the most successful filmmaker of the 1970's collaborate on an extremely shitty baseball-adjacent movie that features a boatload of sexism, Rebecca DeMornay, some extremely dubious narrative choices, and the idea of A Horny Dale Murphy.

The story of one of the most unexpected, remarkable, and disastrous filmmaking collaborations in film and NBA history, from the people who lived it, from auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky to star LeBron James to David Milch to Andray Blatche.

A modest proposal to get one of America's biggest political rivalries—between New York City's mayor and New York's governor—into the ring at one of wrestling's biggest pay-per-view events. Which, conveniently, is going down in Brooklyn.

Alexander Ovechkin is what hockey looks like at its most fun. To some, he's also a lot more than that.

A conversation with the author of "Red Dirt," a tennis novel with Southern flair.

Before the Wimbledon Final, a reminder that the all-time Slam king has survived. In tennis, that's just as impressive as conquering.

Frankie Edgar could have found his way into Saturday night's featherweight title bout. He didn't because he may be too good for his own good.

...and not just because he's already one of the best receivers in the NFL. While Beckham plays a position known for its outspoken players, he's not just another mouthy receiver, and he's talking about football in a way other players mostly don't.

Celta Vigo are a smallish club in Northwest Spain who have played some of La Liga's bravest, prettiest soccer. They are also not long for this world.