Chicago's battered point guard is enjoying basketball again. It's about time we do the same while watching.

In which the director of Superman once again returns to a classic, mythic theme: a bartender who makes the Golden State Warriors with the help of a ragtag group of circa-1980 stereotypes.

A conversation with the author of "Baseball Maverick," about the pioneering Mets GM Sandy Alderson, about baseball, ghostwriting, Jose Canseco, and other things.

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The 90's were rough for comic book and wrestling fans with more than half a brain. But living life as a Rob Liefeld drawing was probably harder.

For those in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Jets aren’t just the hottest ticket in town, they’re a boon to civic pride the locals so sorely lack.

New media have changed way we understand our favorite athletes, but not necessarily for the better.

Someone's doing impromptu taxidermy in your back yard? That's a good time to head to the ballpark instead.

In which Whoopi Goldberg inherits a Knicks team with Greg Ostertag and Dwayne Schintzius on it and leads it to the playoffs. It's not a documentary, and James Dolan still thinks Isiah Thomas would've done a better job.