A Barcelona fan examines his nostalgia-soaked relationship with a TV show about the goings on in La Masia, the greatest youth academy in the world.

For 15 years, the Camden Riversharks played a weird and not especially wonderful brand of minor league baseball in one of America's most troubled cities. This is what the end of that looks like.

Clutch, as a concept, is a slippery and subjective ideal under the best of circumstances. College football is not the best of circumstances. But there are still some answers to find, here, if we look hard enough.

The NBA preseason is mostly meaningless, and not even all that much like actual NBA basketball. But if you love the latter, there's still something there to find in the former.

 A compendium of takes inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poem

Alex Siquig

 et al.

The Minutemen wrote a great many short, pointed, perfect songs. Embedded deep within them is the story of each NBA team in this coming NBA season. 

There are still a great many things wrong with the New York Mets. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the Mets magical last few months was making that all go away.

There were a great many baseball movies made between Field Of Dreams and Moneyball. Most were not great. The Edward James Olmos vehicle Talent For The Game isn't, either, but it has its moments of both near-greatness and endearing weirdness.

Pirates fans saw a turning point for their rotation, and especially for their franchise, when Gerrit Cole beat Yu Darvish for a momentous eighty-second win in 2013. This past August, Gerrit Cole faced Clayton Kershaw, and that meeting of aces meant something, too.

Turns out that soliciting an autograph from every single major league team is a colossal waste of time after all!