The New Day talk about their feelings, Ric and Charlotte make things complicated for Becky Lynch and the Roman Empire finally takes over Philadelphia. Raw Regurgitated on the internet, just for you!

With reviled face Roman Reigns at the top of the card, literally half the main event scene out of action and smarks screaming bloody murder, What’s the Worst That Could Happen for the WWE at tonight's TLC PPV?

“That was beautiful,” Jeter says.

“Eh,” Kobe says.

“Was that Byron?”

“Coach doesn’t really have time for poetry,” Kobe says. He smiles at Jeter, so the editor knows it’s a joke. Jeter smiles too. “Just something I’m fooling around with.”

Major League Soccer's Homegrown Player Rule is eight years old, but as teams and players alike can attest, there are no guarantees for anyone.

A father, mother and son all understood Moses Malone in different ways. That doesn't mean they were acquainted with him underneath. 

Part one of Chuck Hayes' thrilling journey across the wastelands of post-NBA life, beset by dystentery, despair, and Matt Barnes' gang of roving bandits.

The Big 12 is different. The question is whether that will make it worth watching. 

In which Tony Danza takes on the role of a lifetime: a placekicking Philadelphia garbage man who is NOT NAMED TONY. Co-stars include Canadian locations and the stunt-thighs of Mike Vanderjagt.

A team in crisis discusses the big issues—defense, rebounding, the role of basketball in an uncaring universe, the dignity of labor, and the delightful Melissa McCarthy vehicle Spy.

For many players, Fallout 4 has been a long had look into an irradiated mirror.